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Games Dept - New Game Scheduling Request


Game Scheduling Form (Tier 1 Sanctioned Games Only)

Tier 1 - National League - Sanctioning for Rankings


The Game Scheduling form is designed to allow you to submit a request for either a Single-Game or a Multi-Game Event/Tournament for games that will count towards rankings.


Please keep in mind that games are only available for Leagues/Teams that meet the following requirements:

  • Current JRDA Member League
  • Have a current/active team charter with at least 6 skaters registered with the JRDA Games Department
  • To be sanctioned, the games but be in the same division and the same tier

Additional information you will need before proceeding:

  • Name of each Opponent
  • Division, Date, and Time in which the Game will be played 

This information is needed for each individual game played as it is required in order to build your Game Schedule.


Please ensure that you're inputting all information accurately.


Thank you! 


Questions can be directed to:

Games Department Sanctioning Committee