Junior Roller Derby Association

2018-19 Competitive Season League Membership Registration



Membership within the United States

  • $200  for September 1, 2018- August 31, 2019.
  • Member leagues who want to be a nonprofit subordinate of the JRDA must pay an additional $50 and complete all required paperwork and filing requirements.


International membership registration structures are based on your local currency (fee shown in USD) when you use the currency discount code. This amount will never exceed $200USD and may be at a reduced rate depending on the current currency conversion from USD to your local currency. If you are a League outside of the United States please contact treasurer@juniorrollerderby.org for your country's currency code before completing your membership registration.


1. Where's my invoice?  All renewing leagues will receive an invoice for the 18/19 season.  Payment is due by September 30th.  If you have not received an invoice by August 15th, please email treasurer@juniorrollerderby.org.

2. I paid in _____ month last season for membership, why am I paying now instead of on the anniversary date of my last payment? All leagues are being moved to a membership year.  Your pro-rated amount (allowing for any months you "prepaid" into the 18/19 season) will be reflected on your invoice.  Please email treasurer@juniorrollerderby.org if you have any questions.

3.  What if I don't want to renew as a non-profit subordinate?  Simple, just reduce your invoice by $50 and notify Membership@juniorrollerderby.org.

Important Facts Regarding Non-Profit SUBORDINATION


a) each league still needs to obtain their own EIN number with the IRS (this is the first step for all organizations/businesses and is unrelated to the process of becoming a nonprofit subordinate of the JRDA)

b) the umbrella affiliation enables the league to accept charitable contributions including grants. 

c) the umbrella affiliation is a federal charitable designation--it does not grant sales tax exemption or rights to raffling or other gaming (games of chance) activities; these are subject to individual state laws.  Leagues that wish to obtain sales tax exemption or other rights will need to check with their state regulatory authorities regarding individual state requirements.

d) each league ANNUALLY needs to complete the JRDA affiliate agreement which is two-fold--they must adopt the Articles of Organization  (which supersedes their own) and complete the Request and Consent Form.


Our helpful automated registration process will take you through each step of becoming a JRDA member league! Before you get started, you will need:



These requirements must be met within 30 days of registration in order to have membership activated.


If any of the requirements listed above are not maintained during the competitive season, your League's active status with the JRDA may be revoked until you are found to be within compliance.

Questions can be directed to: membership@juniorrollerderby.org

Vickie Glisson

Membership Inquiries